Osaka Nishi-Tenma LIVE HOUSE D’

TRA TRA TRA played at LIVE HOUSE D’ in Osaka tonight!


They had a very similar set list as Nagoya. I guess they’re back to playing Melt and KAMIKAZE first. They’re a great intro to their set, but I still think playing 「所詮、女宿り」after the MC is a bit strange.

Judging by all of their tweets, it sounds like the circle mosh (during Shangri-La) went down a lot better in Osaka than it did in Nagoya! They all seemed really happy with tonight’s live!


Their next live is their 2nd one-man!!
If you’re in Japan and have time, you should definitely go!!

Date:  November 25, 2016 (Friday)
Venue:  Shibuya REX
Time (Open/Start):  18:30/19:00
Tickets (Advance/Doors):  ¥3,000/¥3,500
(You can purchase tickets on eplus)

I’m hoping their play a new song or two at the one-man!

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Nagoya ell.SIZE

Today TRA TRA TRA played at Nagoya ell.SIZE!

Set List:

1. メルト
5.Que sera! sera!

Personally, I wish they’d stop playing 「所詮、女宿り」 after the MC… it’s kind of anticlimactic. haha I hope they were able to get the crowd to join in the circle mosh for Shangri-La though!

Also, apparently they all stayed at Hiroki’s house (Hiroki is from Aichi not sure if he’s actually from Nagoya though) last night haha ❤

Hiroki and Yukia also did a twitcast last night, but I wasn’t able to listen T_T

But! They all posted lots of pictures throughout the day lol

They play tomorrow in Osaka!

Venue: Nishi-Tenma LIVE HOUSE D’
Time (Open/Start): 17:00/17:30
Tickets (Advance/Doors):  ¥3,300/¥3,800

They’re playing with KAVKA, Reirei (麗麗 ), BABY I LOVE YOU, and Link

If you like any of those bands and/or are in the area, go check them out!!! <333

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[Pic Spam] Halloween 2016

A little late, but here are pictures from Halloween!

The Tra guys went all out with their costumes!


The set list was a lot different than it has been (recently they usually start with Melt and KAMIKAZE), but starting with Kyoukiteki boku circus was kind of perfect. Especially when Omi walked out as Joker.

Pictures are all taken from the members’ official twitter accounts.

[Download all here]

Senka Ryouran Artist Book + Live Artist Photos

Hey guys! So remember how Tra played at the Senka Ryouran event that was broadcast live on YouTube? So everyone who attended that live got a free artist booklet magazine thing containing pictures and interviews of all 8 bands. You can now purchase it online!

It’s not even a rip off either cos it’s only 700 yen and it comes with a live artist photo of your choice, which were also available at the live house for 700 yen… So… price-wise it works out the same as if you went to the live and bought a photo haha




(the live artist photos are really nice btw <333)

LINE Chat: Omi

There will be another LINE chat tomorrow!

Date: October 20 (Thursday)
Time: 21:00~ (JST)
Member: Omi


Don’t miss your chance to chat one on one with Omi!

Just add the official TRA TRA TRA account on LINE and Omi will send a message at 9pm on Thursday.

Usually there is a topic of some sort or you can just ask/talk about whatever.

I haven’t participated in Omi’s chat yet so I’m not sure what to expect.
Even if you don’t speak Japanese, go say hi! He knows a little English I think!

How to add TRA TRA TRA on LINE:

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[News] Tra3 Phone Cases

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Hey guys! So I forgot to mention earlier, but you can order TRA TRA TRA phone cases for your iphone/android!! (◯ロ◯)

The phone cases are only available online and they ship internationally! The shipping fee will be added separately to your order (information here)

And don’t worry! The site has English!! If there is any Japanese with no English equivalent/the English is too Engrish to understand, please feel free to contact me and I’ll help you out as best I can (◯ョ◯)

iPhone case: black/white

Adnroid case: black/white