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Previous Bassist, Mamoto, left the band with his last concert being on July 22, 2016. You can keep up with him via his twitter account: @Ba_mamoto

Officially formed on January 30, 2015. With a heavy sound, they created and continue to develop the concept of “Neo Darkness”

TRA TRA TRA is read tora tora tora in Japanese (Yes, like the movie, Tora! Tora! Tora!)
Tora tora tora was used after the WWII attack on Pearl Harbor to indicate that complete surprise had been achieved. Tora (虎) literally means “tiger,” but in this case was an acronym for totsugeki raigeki (突撃雷撃), which translates to “lightning attack” (Wikipedia).

The title of their first one-man concert is ware, kishuu ni seikou seri (我、奇襲二成功セリ), which is basically just the meaning of tora tora tora: “we have had a successful surprise attack.” Read more about their first one-man in their EvoL’v Interview!