[Interview] GASHUKIKO Volume 14

Bursting into the scene with a surprise attack

TRA TRA TRA will set out on their one-man tour in November.  With their 2nd one-man at Shibuya REX as the tour final, and a goal to surpass their first one-man, they continue their onslaught of surprise attacks.  We asked the band some simple questions… From their passion as a band to their practical jokes on each other, it is clear that they are a formidable group that won’t be easy to beat.

TRA TRA TRA officialy began activities as of January last year.  From your name to your appearance, this band’s concept is unimaginably deep.

Omi: You can’t stand out by having a muddled world view or by being flashy so we just wanted to create a band that would be best seen live. It’s not just in how we present ourselves, but also in our music sense and the power of our performances. More than anything, we want to attack with an aggressive performance.  We chose our band name with that in mind.

Just between us… When this publication was decided, I thought, “Finally a kira kira band will make an appearance!”  But… I have come to realize that you can’t judge a person on how they look (laughs).

Omi: Did we come across as kira kira (laughs)! We didn’t intend for that at all. I’ve never liked copying others so since we do things our own way no matter what it is, I think you can’t really put us into any category.

Ryo: We don’t really think about being kira kira or kote kote. If I had to describe us with a sound, it’d probably be gori gori.*

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Osaka Nishi-Tenma LIVE HOUSE D’

TRA TRA TRA played at LIVE HOUSE D’ in Osaka tonight!


They had a very similar set list as Nagoya. I guess they’re back to playing Melt and KAMIKAZE first. They’re a great intro to their set, but I still think playing 「所詮、女宿り」after the MC is a bit strange.

Judging by all of their tweets, it sounds like the circle mosh (during Shangri-La) went down a lot better in Osaka than it did in Nagoya! They all seemed really happy with tonight’s live!


Their next live is their 2nd one-man!!
If you’re in Japan and have time, you should definitely go!!

Date:  November 25, 2016 (Friday)
Venue:  Shibuya REX
Time (Open/Start):  18:30/19:00
Tickets (Advance/Doors):  ¥3,000/¥3,500
(You can purchase tickets on eplus)

I’m hoping their play a new song or two at the one-man!

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[Interview] EvoL’v Special Interview: TRA TRA TRA

NEXT GENERATION Vkei Free Magazine EvoL’v
Volume 18
August 2016
Translated by echo

Nothing will change in how we do things

With our attack force, “We Have Had a Successful Surprise Attack” we are pushing forward.

―With their huge success at the live they hosted on July 22nd, we have TRA TRA TRA with us today! Bassist Mamoto withdrew from the band at that same show, and you announced that you would continue on with only three of the members. Will there be any changes in the band’s concept moving forward?

Omi: After many meetings, we ended up with only three members, but “after the rain comes fair weather” as they say, and a strange strength in unity was born. I feel like our gigs have become more solid in an aggressive way. We’re a lot more extreme than we used to be.

Ryo: We’re definitely going to push our concept stronger than before so look foward to it.

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