Nagoya ell.SIZE

Today TRA TRA TRA played at Nagoya ell.SIZE!

Set List:

1. メルト
5.Que sera! sera!

Personally, I wish they’d stop playing 「所詮、女宿り」 after the MC… it’s kind of anticlimactic. haha I hope they were able to get the crowd to join in the circle mosh for Shangri-La though!

Also, apparently they all stayed at Hiroki’s house (Hiroki is from Aichi not sure if he’s actually from Nagoya though) last night haha ❤

Hiroki and Yukia also did a twitcast last night, but I wasn’t able to listen T_T

But! They all posted lots of pictures throughout the day lol

They play tomorrow in Osaka!

Venue: Nishi-Tenma LIVE HOUSE D’
Time (Open/Start): 17:00/17:30
Tickets (Advance/Doors):  ¥3,300/¥3,800

They’re playing with KAVKA, Reirei (麗麗 ), BABY I LOVE YOU, and Link

If you like any of those bands and/or are in the area, go check them out!!! <333

Pic spam:

Pictures are all taken from the members’ official twitter accounts.

[Download all here]


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