[Interview] GASHUKIKO Volume 14

Bursting into the scene with a surprise attack

TRA TRA TRA will set out on their one-man tour in November.  With their 2nd one-man at Shibuya REX as the tour final, and a goal to surpass their first one-man, they continue their onslaught of surprise attacks.  We asked the band some simple questions… From their passion as a band to their practical jokes on each other, it is clear that they are a formidable group that won’t be easy to beat.

TRA TRA TRA officialy began activities as of January last year.  From your name to your appearance, this band’s concept is unimaginably deep.

Omi: You can’t stand out by having a muddled world view or by being flashy so we just wanted to create a band that would be best seen live. It’s not just in how we present ourselves, but also in our music sense and the power of our performances. More than anything, we want to attack with an aggressive performance.  We chose our band name with that in mind.

Just between us… When this publication was decided, I thought, “Finally a kira kira band will make an appearance!”  But… I have come to realize that you can’t judge a person on how they look (laughs).

Omi: Did we come across as kira kira (laughs)! We didn’t intend for that at all. I’ve never liked copying others so since we do things our own way no matter what it is, I think you can’t really put us into any category.

Ryo: We don’t really think about being kira kira or kote kote. If I had to describe us with a sound, it’d probably be gori gori.*

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2017.03.18 live @ Shibuya REX

TRA played at the last live of KAVKA’s shusai tour last night at Shibuya REX

TRA and KAVKA seem to have gotten really close throughout this tour. They were the only band to play at each of live of the tour I think. It’s a shame KAVKA’s disbanding. It would’ve been great if TRA and KAVKA continued to play lives together T_T


Ryo even sang the second to last song, Lucy, of KAVKA’s set! All the other TRA guys came out too and moshed back and forth with us!

C7M-gHNU0AYW9Cd.jpg(Hiroki’s face lol)

Anyway, I was really happy with TRA’s setlist the other night. Melt ⇒ KAMIKAZE is always a great transition and a great way to get everyone hyped from the get-go, but brilliant to UNCHAIN was surprisingly good. The end of brilliant flows so perfectly into UNCHAIN’s intro! And it’s like the best song to transition from slower ballady type of music back ot an uptempo beat.

Speaking of, brilliant is SO MUCH better live. I didn’t really care for Ryo’s vocals on the recorded version of brilliant, but it’s def much better live. As one would expect from a live band ❤

ボクサーカス is fucking exhausting. I love it though haha. Ryo is always pulling people up for gyakudai ❤

And Que sera! sera!!! Definitely one of my favorite songs (but I’m just a sucker for towel songs lol)

In general Ryo’s been having really good energy recently. Hiroki’s kind of on and off, and tbh I don’t look at Omi too much haha but he’s actually really good at acknowledging his fans

On to the picspam/drumcams!
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Full Album + New Look!

TRA TRA TRA announced their first full album, [bb] -beautiful blasphemy-, to be released on March 15, 2017! They’ve also updated their homepage (http://tratratra.jp/) with their new look and album information!


There will also be a first album release/Hiroki birthday event on March 22, 2017!

Tra hasn’t announced any live dates other than 11/30 @ Ikebukuro Black Hole and 2/23 @ HOLIDAY SHINJUKU. I’m assuming they’ll be busy working on their album for the next couple of months. Based on the new song, UNCHAIN, that they played at their 2nd one-man, I have high hopes for this album!!

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11/25 One-man Merch Information

Merchandise available at the November 25th one-man live:

  • New cheki (random) ¥500
    • There will be random prize cheki. If you pull the large-prize cheki, you will receive a signed poster + Yukia pick, Omi pick and Hiroki drum stick that was used the day of the live + a letter from Ryo. If you pull the regular-prize cheki you will receive a signed personal item from one of the members. If you pull a prize cheki please follow the staff’s directions.
  • Past cheki (band member of your choice) ¥500
  • Towel ¥2,000
  • CDs

If you purchase goods the day of the live:

  • For every ¥4,000 you spend, you will get a 2-shot photo ticket.*
  • For every ¥7,000 you spend, you will get a 2-shot photo ticket + a 4-shot photo ticket + a selfie with a member of your choice (taken with your cellphone)

Photos will be taken after the merchandise booth closes. Please follow the staff’s directions.


*2-shot = cheki of you + one member
4-shot = cheki of  you + 3 members


Official LINE Chat

The next official LINE chat will be on Saturday, November 19th from 22:00 (JST)

This month’s member will be Hiroki!

If you haven’t participated in the chats, you should! It’s fun! ^^
Hiroki will usually ask some questions that you can pick and choose what to answer, or just answer all of them.

The members will only respond to you up to three times, though. Unless there arent a lot of people chatting, I guess. Last time it was Hiroki’s turn he responded a lot ❤


Even if you don’t understand Japanese, you could just say “hi”

Hiroki has a basic understanding of English <33


If you haven’t added TRA TRA TRA on LINE yet, here’s how!

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